Successful companies are capable of arranging their processes constructively, with foresight and target oriented – in the daily business as well as in times of change.

We support the processes of our clients at the behavioural level. The people involved are placed in the centre of our work: Knowledge, abilities, behaviour and motivation are developed in such a way that the energies of your personnel can become effective and targeted and will contribute to the processes.

Putting people in motion.

In this way we perform an important role in the human resources and organisational development and therefore also in the development of a performance oriented corporate culture.

„Since the year 2000 we have been trustfully working together with targo. They develop and conduct seminars and workshops for us dealing with various behaviour oriented topics. targo training is a benchmark for high effectiveness and relevancy to practice.“

Reinhard Bierhoff, Senior HR Business Partner, Schneider Electric GmbH

Our Solutions

We accompany and support our clients as trainers, coaches and facilitators. In this respect we adopt the views of Albert Einstein, who said one should "make things as simple as possible, but not simpler". Based upon this leitmotiv we have developed the following six core solutions for our clients

Putting leaders in motion

There is no panacea for successful leadership. However, we will support you in finding the way that is appropriate for your enterprise in mobilising your executives.

Depending on your needs we can…

  • Evaluate with you the setting for successful leadership within your company
  • Evaluate leadership culture and behaviour
  • Develop leadership tools catered to your situation and needs
  • Help to identify and develop leadership potential
  • Train your executives
  • Be available as coaches for individual executives

Our contributions can be tailored to the whole organisation, teams or individuals alike.

Making teams succeed

Successful teams deliver results despite extraordinary circumstances. However, perfect cooperation within a team is not to be taken for granted. Communicative skills and clear rules for team organisation are necessary.

Whether it be temporary, virtual or permanent teams: We will accompany team processes in order to foster a positive gain for the teams and team leaders.

Typical interventions and services are:

  • Facilitation of team meetings
  • Team development concepts for different contexts (including outdoor elements)
  • Conflict mediation in and between teams and work groups
  • Qualification of internal facilitators and mediators

Effective behaviour in the workplace

There is a set of capabilities and skills that all employees - independently of their role or function - should be able to develop in order to do their job in a motivated and successful way.

Effective behaviour in the workplace covers all these core competencies in a holistic approach:

  • Self management
  • Communication
  • Customer dedication
  • Presentation and facilitation skills
  • Conflict resolution

Our train the trainer programme makes sure that this training can also – if desired
– be realised with internal trainers.

Professionalising personnel development

Finding the correct employees and then developing and retaining them is one of the key indicators of success today. Even in our competitive environment it is the people who make the difference between success and failure. We are here to accompany you in your processes of personnel development (PD).

This could mean that together we…

  • Define and implement PD-strategies
  • Develop, introduce and evaluate PD-processes and tools such as needs assessment, appraisal interviews and personnel development processes
  • Qualify leadership personnel to take up PD-responsibility
  • Develop and introduce success-oriented reward schemes
  • Install active Change Management

Running projects successfully

We accompany project teams along the whole process and support them through a wide range of behaviour and method oriented topics. The successful completion of your projects is our goal.

According to your specific needs we can…

  • Support you with the selection of project managers and members
  • Train your project teams
  • Be available as coaches for individual participants
  • Accompany your project teams in their development
  • Mediate in difficult situations and conflicts
  • Conceptualise measures for project controlling and auditing

Living customer dedication

We help you to consistently focus on your clients. Depending on your specific needs we can work with the whole organisation, teams or individuals. Our range of measures includes for example:

  • Optimisation of sale processes: From the initial vision to the reaching of your targets
  • Acquiring new clients: from the market to the customer
  • Key Account Management: Using the full potential of your existing clients
  • Target oriented motivation and incentive programmes
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses in your sales organisation
  • Improvement of behaviour in sales conversations and negotiations
  • Improvement of communication with your clients

„targo supports and accompanies us in matters of leadership and team development as well as project management. We have got to know and to appreciate Andreas Klöpzig and his team as competent, creative and committed companions of our development processes.“

Elisabeth Krüger, Corporate HR Development, LEONI AG

Our Customers

We have successfully proven our competency with the following clients:

„We have been successfully collaborating with targo since ten years. Seminars, Workshops and coaching dealing with „how to run projects effectively“ help us to keep our Project Managers highly qualified and motivated and to add value to our customers.“

Dirk Korthals, Managing Director, ME Engineering GmbH

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